“The fastest path to fully acknowledge what is happening in the world and USA, is by first  recognizing and believing the truth, that we are being royally deceived and attacked by these globalists at the very highest rungs of power in the world, and yes, that even means The Swiss Octogon, British Royalty, central banking globalists, the bank of England, London, DC, The Federal Reserve, […]

Forces Of Evil Upon This Earth and Inside It, Are Using Sorcery, Magic, and Witchcraft To Do Harm To All Of Earth’s Inhabitants

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil; God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act. ~Dietrich Bonhoeffer First and foremost, we have been completely deceived about our true history and believing a false history has “severe” ramifications. The globalists have created our fake history and they are always rewriting history to serve them. […]

All Search Engines Are Linked To Google and Have Been Corrupted The Prayer Of Our Lord

All Search Engines Are Linked To Google and Have Been Corrupted

All Search Engines Are Covering Up Widespread Election Fraud. Look At The Evidence Yourself. Go To My Recommended Links Page To Find Truthful Information, FACTS AND EVIDENCE! Otherwise, You Will Not Know The Truth. You Will Become Another Victim of This Diseased Country and World That Has Been Destroyed By Liberalism and Communism and People Who are Currently in the Process of Trying To Eliminate The White Race, But in Doing So, They Will Exterminate Everyone Who is Not Them.

The Mainstream Media is the Biggest Enemy of the People! Liars, Cheats, and Thieves.

URGENT VIDEO FOR ALL TO WATCH! …even though we know the truth about the 91-DIVOC plandemic and the ability of masks to do absolutely nothing, if you’re being honest with yourself and following the science, which indicates the diameter of a virus is far smaller than the diameter of the holes in the masks, including the N95 masks. They were forcing people to wear masks […]

How Do You Recognize The Lord’s Call To Action?

Every Home Should Have a 3 Month Supply of Survival Food Per Person. 2,000 Calories Per Day Up To 25 Year Shelf Life! How Do You Recognize The Lord’s Call To Action, and To What Degree Are We Expected To Fight Back Against The Wicked? How Shall We Proceed When It’s Obvious The Demonrats Are Up To Their Same Old Election Fraud Tricks Again? It’s […]

Mankind is Under Attack by Deep State Criminals

Satanic Family Bloodlines of the Illuminati Do it Again! WAKE UP OR ELSE THEY ARE GOING TO KILL US ALL. GROW A PAIR AND PROSECUTE THEM! Just Months Before 9/11, The World Trade Center’s Lease Was Privatized and Sold To Larry Silverstein – Is That Why Chabad Told 3000 Jews Not To Show Up To Work That Day, For The MINI-NUKE EXPLOSIONS THAT CAUSED THE […]

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