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Category: Militarized Police Order Followers

Police throughout the world have been very cleverly militarized by the globalist ball-earth liars into militarized police order followers for the use of enforcing tyranny on all free and sovereign citizens of the world, including all Christians, patriots, veterans, gun owners, and Trump supporters, regardless of whether or not they’ve abandoned President Trump due to Trump’s non-stop praise of himself for pushing a genocidal vaccine. Just like the elections have always been rigged, the globalists rigged the election of 2016 for Donald Trump to win as a means of creating a the cut-and-dry division they would need to accurately imprison his supporters in the concentration camps that exist already and the ones that are being built in Austria, Switzerland, Australia, The United Kingdom, and throughout the world. If this were not true then he would not be pushing the vaccines. There is an abundance of food and water on this earth for all and it is not the decision of any living man or woman to decide who gets to live or die, but the wealthy heathen scum of the earth have taken it upon themselves to do just that. That decision alone belongs to God and if in the future there are not enough resources, it is not God’s intention for life on Earth to continue past 6,000 years, and probably for this very reason. It must take 6,000 years for mankind to fully corrupt the earth, at which point God steps in.  Who’s to say this has not occurred many times over the course of hundreds of thousands or millions of years?  It will be soon be over by the hand of God and His influence on men will bring about the destruction necessary.

The globalists have prepared for this end times scenario by building elaborate fully stocked deep underground military bunkers that are fully equipped for all of the luxuries they enjoy today, including a high speed maglev train system for transportation worldwide. The bunkers or underground cities were also built as a way for them to avoid God’s wrath, which they know is coming. Where are the true Christian warriors?  If you are wise and a person of God you will not turn over your guns and weapons but use them when necessary on the heathen globalists and Luciferians.  Militarized police order followers in Australia have already begun throwing victims of tyranny into concentration camps, many of whom are escaping and being hunted down by helicopter.  Once inside the camps it should be the large numbers of people against the guards, to set all people free.  People from the outside should also rescue and do what’s necessary to free these people.