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Category: Sandy Hook Deception

Learn the truth behind the Sandy Hook deception. Learn about Sandy Hook home mortgages being paid off on Christmas Day 2009, meaning someone processed this paperwork on the day we are told is the birth of Jesus Christ, which we all know is not true, and nobody really knows for sure but some speculate 9/11 is His real birthday. However, this tells us that a war between God and Satan really is really occurring. There are countless other clues. People are so stunned and dismayed by the number of synchronicities and clues that prove beyond any reasonable doubt that we are under attack by very evil people, if they even are people. The Sandy Hook deception is all about getting the guns away from American citizens, instilling fear in the people because the globalists are preparing for a major psyop or false flag attack, and they need people in a state of fear to push the plandemic and the climate change hoax, among other things. They are all completely and totally false and believing they are real is going to get you killed.  I ask that you think about that for a minute and really let it sink in.  It is 100% true and they are bypassing all laws to push their agendas through. We all know part of that psyop is the worldwide attempted Communist takeover of the entire world while simultaneously killing as many people as possible with a fake-vaccine genocide, or lethal injection. Read about the multiple reasons they are taking such tyrannical actions against all people of the world and the effects on the human psyche and health. These people truly do worship Satan. People must wake up IMMEDIATELY! and be relentless until all globalists are in prison. They are planning on attacking again soon, as the rallies and protests die down. DO NOT LET THEM DIE DOWN! Push the lawsuits hard, and for the love of God, NEVER put on another mask for as long as you live. They are manipulating the world population to carry out a covert and silent kill operation, a Satanic blood ritual, which they have planned fifty years for. This alone, by simply observing the World Economic Forum website is the only indicator a person needs to recognize this truth. There are many more truths.  Please share this website.

Sandy Hook Shocker and Truths That Will Set The Mind-Controlled Masses Free. Free Homes and Land For Everyone! Billions Of Dollars Change Hands On Christmas Day 2009! Absolutely Grotesque! People Without Morals Accept Mortgage Payoffs and Free Land! Speak Now Or Accept Communism and a One World Government! Any Police Officer, Lawyer, or Judge Who Protects The Satanic Brotherhood of Freemasonry Will Be Prosecuted, Tried, and Sentenced. The Evidence is Overwhelming and Evil!

People Are Programmed To Leave Situations Alone or Else The Lunatic Radical Left Will Attack, Especially For Something That is Clearly Demonic Such as This Sandy Hook Deception and Fraud. STOP PAYING TAXES UNTIL YOU MAKE THE DECISION WHERE YOUR TAX DOLLARS ARE SPENT! This is outrageous! These People Are Pure Evil and Any Judge, Lawyer, or Police Officer Who Chooses To Protect Them is Guilty of High Treason Themselves!