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How Do You Recognize The Lord's Call To Action, and To What Degree Are We Expected To Fight Back Against The Wicked? How Shall We Proceed When It's Obvious The Demonrats Are Up To Their Same Old Election Fraud Tricks Again? It's Such an Obvious Deception. This Time They Are Going Down!

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It’s safe to say, billions of people worldwide are now well aware of the totally sinister actions that have already taken place against mankind since 9/11/2001, and decades before that, including those that are still occurring right now that are hidden in plain sight. People are becoming more aware of the degree of tyranny unfolding and they’re fighting back. We must remember, the globalists have already anticipated our ability to fight back. There are certain things they want us to do, and if we don’t comply, they lose. It’s really that simple. For instance, they desperately need us to fight each other. They are itching for a Civil war, and if that doesn’t work, they are going to try to spark a nuclear war. They’ve already done this by firing a missile into Poland, trying to make it appear as though it came from Russia.

Russia must be so pissed at these globalists! They have used the “Russia is the boogey man” slogan for so long and that poor guy is a good person. I don’t care what he was. I care what he is, and he’s a good Christian who has deep admiration for Jewish people because they helped him and his mother when he was a little boy. I seriously doubt he understands the deepest meaning behind the escalating problem I’ll be discussing later. I don’t care what anyone says. I’m an empath who is highly intuitive and good judge of character. I would like to see Trump and Russia destroy the deep state. Perhaps even China can help. Although, as soon as the globalists are done destroying the economies of the world, except for China, they have already made arrangements to live in China, and consume them.  Meanwhile, they are currently working on another scare event, as “X22 Report” likes to say. 

There are so many great patriots who have devoted the rest of their life to this war against mankind that is taking place. I listen to”X22 Report,” “SGT Report,” and “And We Know” primarily. They are my three favorites. If anyone is a sincere person with some serious connections, it’s X22 Report. I can tell by the type of information he provides. It’s not your typical run-of-the-mill information that you find in the average SERP.  This actually applies SGT Report and “And We Know,” also, because they are all incredible individual sources of information that is from God’s point of view and also from the patriot’s point of view. While it’s proper to look to Jesus Christ for knowledge, it’s ok to listen to our brothers and sisters too, especially when they need us to share their content, which, in my opinion, sometimes feels very God-inspired anyhow.  I like these guys because they give me the facts, and solid truthful information that would benefit us all if shared, and because their shows are centered around the “Truth,” which is very easy to notice, I am obligated to expand upon their work and get to the root of the problem, so future generations don’t have to experience all we’ve had to experience in the past 2 decades.  We’ve never been so close to losing our freedom, sovereignty, Constitution, and Bill of Rights!. Educating people is critical. I’m going to create a separate page with nothing but the absolute best links for patriots. It’s going to take a little time but it’ll be a fun project. One thing you’ll notice is that I’m not stealing anybody else’s content. I like listening to others because their line of thinking is on point with mine, and words trigger thoughts and thoughts create more words, to explain this monstrous conspiracy against mankind and all of God’s creation. All of my writing is original and the thoughts I express are my own. I am protected under the First Amendment of The United States Constitution, the indestructible document that further protects our “inalienable rights.” 


 They do things right in front of our faces for a reason, and why do you suppose that is?…because it’s Witchcraft! They are also obligated to inform us every time they are going to attack us. They are under some type of obligation with God or the universe and must follow certain rules. They are allowed to use Hollywood, the MSM, social media, and globalist-created fake fact checkers, to coerce and manipulate mankind into starting a violent Civil war. Up until now, they have used fragments of the Hegelian Dialectic to divide the people and lure them further away from God and God’s Heavenly Grace, and each time this happens we lose a little bit more of our freedom, sovereignty, and Constitutional protection. For a deeper explanation about what is happening in the world, watch me as I build this website. Please post your comments and questions below and speak freely, as you are allowed under the United States Constitution. “LIBERALISM IS A DISEASE THAT MUST BE KILLED IMMEDIATELY.”  Once we get “NORMAL” back, in many different capacities, which I am certain we will, all of the demonic, backwards, and unjust arrests that have occurred due to LIBERALISM will be reversed and all of the arrests that should’ve occurred, but didn’t, because of LIBERALISM, will finally become active ARRESTS! 

By now you should know that Liberalism creates a world where the people believe good is evil and evil is good, and they are incapable of noticing how they are perceiving the opposite of what their reality is. They fail to see how their many traits and characteristic exist only because a globalist deliberately put them there. They have this entire monstrous conspiracy planned out, and I realize this may sound like a lot to believe right now but as God is my witness, I swear to you, everything I’m going to write on this website will be the truth. Meanwhile Communism is creeping closer to becoming our new reality according to the mainstream media, but the legal process is going to be our best friend. However, I still like to think of a rocky coastline as the Constitution and the waves crashing down upon the rocks, as the enemy. The erosion of the Constitution has been an ongoing, slow and steady covert systematic process that has been around for at least the past 260 years, and most of us never felt anything happening, up until a certain defining moment, like 9/11/2001.  Then when one of the passports of the fake terrorist pilots was found in the rubble, we knew instantly a coverup was taking place. The fallen steel disappeared immediately and was shipped off to China when that whole area should’ve been sealed off as a crime scene.  From then on, people were fed nothing but Propaganda did we notice any of the changes taking place up until now, and soon there will be nothing left to keep it standing strong. It is up to “We The People” to keep it strong and powerful, as it was originally written and intended. 

Things are playing out a certain way and we can feel it happening around us. I can feel it because I just learned the other day that I’m an empath. I was blown away by this revelation because my son is a Starseed. My daughter is so Jealous. I just tell her, some bigger and even more powerful powers take longer to develop and grow before they ever reveal themself to the person, because they are even more important. I’ve actually seen this more often than I’d like to say. I wish their was a way to help people find their power sooner, rather than later.  For now, just be aware that more covert attacks on mankind are ongoing and happening right now, as we eat, sleep, swim, garden, and shop.  This invasion is becoming more prevalent in cities and the media is making it look worse than it is. They are trying to create and present to the viewers a version of reality that makes them feel permanently enslaved by Communism. The non-stop lies that are used to cover up the election fraud of that Kari Lake had to experience, and so many others. Just like before, the evidence is overwhelming and this is where the globalists destroy themselves. That’s not to say the disease of Liberalism here is nothing to worry about, NO! There is plenty here and there is plenty to worry about. At this stage, the invasion is only a two-pronged invasion. Soon it will become multi-pronged, and this is why we need so many people to find the knowledge and help others wake up. I’m very confident we are winning, from what I’ve seen and read on the patriot sites where I get my information, and it’s fact-based real news regarding things that have occurred. Things appear to be moving in the right direction. However, many things still need to happen. I cannot stress the importance of getting all installed 33rd degree Freemason police chiefs throughout the world to resign, and it has to happen to all of them within 2 hours. They need to be gone and the new ones need to be hired and in position!.  I explain more later.

At present, we Americans have the advantage, because all we need to do is watch and pay close attention to all of the events, restrictions, and tyranny, that is occurring in foreign lands, and we can see how they are planning to bring that here. It will never work because WWG1WGA!. The people will never allow blue-helmets to survive more than a few seconds, after they crawl out of the sewers. They will be shot dead. It is our right and duty as Americans who have sworn an oath to Honor and Defend the U.S. Constitution. This is a huge loss for the globalists and they know it because there are so many of us and so few of them. The population of Liberals and feminized men is not as large as the globalists want us to believe. Real fighting American men do exist in America and those people will show themselves when the time is right. Right now, it’s ammunition-making time, should the need arise to defend ourselves. They will never get our guns and if a Chinese invasion occurs in American, Americans with 1 billion guns and climbing will annihilate any invasions on our land. The globalist’s days are numbered. We are coming in to seize all of their assets prior to throwing them in prison. You see, the world created by the evil of Liberalism never stands a chance to begin with. It was a tool, used by the globalists to aggravate, divide, manipulate, psychologically harass, and be the stone wall they need to block patriots by trying to prevent them from knowing we are really fighting the globalists, not Liberals and Democrats. That is why I’m writing this, to ask our Liberal and Democratic brothers and sisters to not be mad that we called them Libtards and Demonrats. In truth, if we unite, we can help you recognize every single way you’ve been deceived, but you shouldn’t feel bad, as long as you listen to reason and allow us to show you the truth until it positively changes you. We promise you’ll know why if you stick with us, on the side of “God” and “Good.”  It is what they wanted, and I have a pretty good idea why but I definitely cannot get into that yet. If I’m right, there will be a tremendous force we will need to go up against to win this war. If I’m wrong, well, I’m not going to be wrong. I already know this topic well. It’s a brilliant story but it’s full of challenges, roadblocks, false-flag attacks like explosions, disease, bio-terrorism, pesticides, and now heavy metals in baby food. They didn’t just get there on their own. This is the reality people will hopefully wake up to. Every person needs to be made aware of what’s happening, so we recognize that “United We Are Strong!,” and “Divided We Are Week.”  Please continue… 

Many people throughout the world have still not seen what is coming if we don’t stop them. That’s because these globalists have learned where they get their power from and they do it well. However, when we get our power from God, and they get theirs from Lucifer, it’s no competition. That is the difference. Many of the current covert attacks that are still occurring right now, but are hidden in plain sight, are attacks on our health and mental well-being. If you live or work near a 5G tower, RUN!  Get as far away from those towers as you can. I’m confident that most of the USA sees the tyranny that is unfolding, and they are starting to talk about it with others. This is excellent!  However, there are still those who watch the mainstream media only. They are going to need a refresher course in reality that includes some information about our true and fake history. At this point, they will hopefully recognize the truth and be convinced that we really are in the middle of a world-wide Communist invasion. 

They should be able to see how it’s forming and know how long the globalists have been planning this. Remember, there are also millions of Americans who know the truth but they don’t have a platform from which to speak, since the mainstream media would have them believe some completely different narratives just to confuse them and cover up the current Communist invasion. Liberals and Democrats are “NOT” the majority, and that doesn’t even matter at this point. However, we cannot take this situation lightly, therefore we behave like we are in the danger zone, big time. Hope exists for Americans but we desperately need Democrats and Liberals to recognize how they are being deceived. They’ve been made to care about the things that would weaken us, like silencing people from speaking the truth, forcing them to take a knee to BLM or ANTIFA,  forcing them to hate Trump, patriots, gun owners, Christians, people who oppose abortion, and other abominations. We can talk about all of these things when this war is over. Right now we need to fight together!  If we could make people see that we were indeed at war with a criminal globalist cabal, and we are, that would be a huge hurdle accomplished and give use incredible leverage in this war. I realize getting Republicans, Liberals, Democrats, and Conservatives to focus on the fight against these enemies of humanity, is a challenging task. It’s messy. It’s extremely complicated, but somewhere at the top of the pyramid are the most evil people neither of us have ever laid eyes on. When you are in the process of a Communist invasion, certain things are a distraction for the people, to keep the people divided and squabbling is the game, so Communism can continue seeping into the USA, until it reaches a point where it will be officially a Communist country, based on what is Communist and what is not. That is why it’s so important to wake up as many people as possible. The globalists want us to keep fighting their fights, obeying their commands, and never notice that a Communist invasion is even occurring. 

Becoming rational, self-disciplined, and going back to normal, which we will, is going to require giving Liberals and Democrats an opportunity to quickly learn how some of the things happening now, prove they are being used to cover up their crimes, which they obviously don’t know yet. Soon, the whole world will know, and that is the objective. The people who are hosting this Communist invasion are not many, even though they appear to be. There are laws and because we are a nation of laws, we are going to use the laws to bring them all to justice for the American people and world!  This absolutely MUST happen!  I must re-emphasize the importance using self-discipline to carefully examine yourself to see how you could possibly be a victim of this disease called “Liberalism.”  It is the stone wall that is allowing Communism to crush our world once again. It’s actually happening again!.  Can you believe it?  Are we going to allow this to happen or what?  No, of course not!  WE HAVE THE INTERNET!  LET’S USE IT!  

I do have a great solution but I need people to first comprehend the extreme level of danger we are in and why. As you are reading and learning, from this website and all of the others located  at “The Recommended Links Page,” please keep in mind that everything I’m writing about is true to the best of my knowledge. Nothing is a deliberate lie or an exaggeration, nor am I deliberately leaving information out.  As a matter of fact, a short one sentence prayer:  “By the Power of the Holy Spirit and the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, I Pray that I will comprehend and believe the intended meaning of this article and recognize the importance of maintaining our Freedom, Sovereignty, Constitution, and Bill Of Rights.”

The most important thing anyone can do is to educate themselves while educating others. Share it all!, and even more importantly, expose all of these evil criminal sociopaths who have harmed us and our people in so many different ways. I’ll get into all of that shortly. When I say “my people,” I am referring to living man, woman, and child. It matters not what religion, color, or nation you are from. It does matter that you are a good person. This is a battle between good and evil and I hate to break it to you, Liberalism is the disease being used to tyrannically oppress living man. When I say “living man,” that means “man, woman, and child.” Each of us knows if we are good or evil. If you want to be good, but are currently evil, you can still become a patriot. Nothing would give me greater satisfaction than restoring our Constitutional Republic so we can stop worrying about the immediate attack and aftermath of Communism. You are going to learn some things that may upset you. That is normal. Stick with it and it will make sense. There is a lot in this world I don’t know but I know what I’m doing here by writing this, is good, and has the potential to defeat these Communist enemies of humanity. 

Don’t you want to remove them from power and force them to take their grubby hands off our lives, our banks, our corporations, our private land, our patents (SERCO is the enemy), our medical industry, our retirement plans, our stock market, our world, and all of the things they’ve managed to corrupt?  Look what these wicked evil people did to our world, and deliberately, and compare that to solutions I recommend. Ok, let me ask you a question. If we could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that these scumbags harmed us in countless ways, and we could prove they were planning this genocide and Communist invasion of the entire world, would you be on board to listen, learn, and stop them?  Good to hear!  I sure hope you said “Of course, I want to protect and preserve my freedom, sovereignty, Constitution, Bill Of Rights, Declaration Of Independence, and all the things our ancestors fought for.” Thank you. Your bravery is commended.

These animals are preparing to take it all away, and we could’ve had so much more. Doesn’t that question make you feel like vomiting?  Have no fear!  Yes, this is an utter catastrophe, and so many people need to know about what is happening so we can retaliate by exposing them, arresting them with non-corrupt, patriotic police officers, but first we must remove all 33rd degree Freemason police chiefs from Police Forces throughout the world. I’ll explain why in minute. The moment we do what I’m going to suggest we do, the DOJ and FBI are going to pounce all over us and try and prevent the removal of these 33rd degree Freemason police chiefs. You see, it is these Police Chiefs who are corrupt and telling their police officers to stand down, as order by their masters in the Illuminati and other deep state puppets they may report to.  We need to ensure that all Police Officers who were installed by this criminal syndicate are gone within 2 hours and their replacement is installed and ready to start making arrests. Logistically, it sounds like a major operation and people are going to talk, but they’ll figure out the logistics. I’m just presenting the ideas. They must be long gone before the FBI or DOJ find out, because THEY TOO have been infiltrated by Communist infiltrators. Therefore, it’s important to have special officers with the privilege and rank to arrest DOJ and FBI personnel. President Trump can make any such person have that rank! HE IS THE PRESIDENT!  Now, the big reveal.  Stay with me. It’s life-saving information. I promise you.

All of these criminal “imposter” Communists and Masons who have not only infiltrated our Government a were installed by criminal “imposter” Jews, criminal Zionists, and other criminals, most of whom were Jews. This can all be proven and it is not antisemitic to arrest people for crimes, in a normal world.”  Normal returns when we say it, and that is now. It is they who are the invisible monster that is destroying our world and with a little patience and attentiveness, we can show you the evidence, and we will.  Please continue reading! All I’m saying is take a look for yourself. Don’t be one of those people who rejects the truth either because you were too lazy to look for something that is so simple to find, because I can guarantee you, one thing needs to happen for us to remain free!  #ARRESTS!  Please share this most important message to the world to reveal what needs to be done.  I’ll elaborate on that a little bit later, but I’ll give you the basics for now. 33rd degree Freemasons have been installed as Police Chiefs throughout the world. It is they would ABSOLUTELY MUST RESIGN!  They have ordered their police officers to stand down in the matter of election fraud, and a long list of crimes that are slowly choking us and suffocating our civilization. Something must be done or we could lose our freedom and so much more. I have the perfect solution but I need people to take me seriously and help this message fall into the hands of the right people who can make it happen. If you can help, please be a part of this. I’m afraid I can’t think of another way to defeat them. Getting all 33rd degree Freemasons removed from all police forces, no excuses! Freemasonry is Satanism and Satanism is Freemasonry. That I am certain of and I have mountains of evidence to prove it, but you will find it. They are not allowed to remove it. They must let us know who they are and what they are doing, and this is also why they created Hollywood. I know that may sound a little out there, but stick with me and you will know exactly what I mean. Your jaw will hit the floor!  We must pull together in strength and “GET THESE 33RD DEGREE FREEMASONS TO RESIGN and ensure that a patriot who will obey the Constitution gets installed in their place, even if we have to pay them.  We have to get them OUT OF OUR POLICE FORCES IMMEDIATELY!  IT MUST BE SWIFT!  IT MUST HAPPEN IN 2 HOURS!  ALL OF THEM GONE with official, authentic patriot Christians in their place. That is how we save our country! Will you please help me share this message?  Just copy and past whatever section you want to share and use the link to the page as the URL. That is totally fine!. We have rights and we must not let these police cowards and order followers who are obeying their Police Chiefs by standing down in the face of crime, get away with this any longer!

them where the crimes are, , despite all of the evil that is being covered up and the nonsense that is being allowed to go on. Just ask yourself, “Is this right, or is this wrong?” If you are a person of God, you will not answer immediately. Patriots and Christians will bring fairness, good health, non-GMO foods, a new educational system, and so many other new systems, once all of these criminals are arrested, with the help of the police. Imagine how they are going to appear to the public if they don’t take the necessary action to begin arresting people?  in so much, that we are able to rid our civilization of this disease called “LIBERALISM.” 

I want to tell them this but I want it to mean something. At what point does it gain the power to work?  That is where my interest lies. I want to say to these “THIS IS A CITIZENS ARREST” Please help me get this message to those who can do something about it. It will save our country, our freedom, and it will save the world!  I discuss this major issue later on in the book because it’s tied in with something else.  with those who don’t know. We have been trying to warn everyone for the longest time. I can’t tell you how many times my websites have been hacked to the point that even the backups failed. 

The enemy does things right in front of our faces for a reason, and why do you suppose that is?…because it’s a part of Witchcraft!  Satanic symbolism is seen by a person’s sub-conscience several times per day, depending on how active they are in the world. Ok, not all of it is Satanic, but all of it is used in a spell somewhere. Now would be a good time to mention, Hollywood was created for the sole purpose of casting spells on the public. Hollywood is as demonic as it gets and allowing a demonic media of any type into our lives, is asking for trouble. Therefore, it is up to us, We-The-People to recognize the danger in it and take actions that move it towards a positive metamorphosis. The symbolism is permanent. It’s always there and never changes, for the most part, only new symbolism is added all the time.  What does change are the narratives, the type of spells (witchcraft), predictive programming, and false-flag attacks, that are used to bring these spells into existence and sear them to  your conscienceness. Being in the awakening process means you’re leaning towards the side of “Good” and you are advancing towards That’s one side of it. On the other side of the equation, Hollywood is used to provide the predictive programming that is also needed to make their spells become a reality. Additionally, those controlling the media (THE CIA) are using sorcery and witchcraft combined with the creation of certain movies, music, and other types of TV programming, that affects the minds of the people, whether they know it or not. 

Actually, if a person is protected by The Holy Spirit, they should not have to worry about being affected by such things, but people should not be dabbling in their sorcery, unless it is to decipher their next move, not even to sit down and enjoy a good movie. In other words, they are creating TV shows and movies that reveal their intentions or spells they are about to cast on the people. They do this also because they are obligated to inform us every time they are going to attack us covertly. They are under some type of obligation with God or the universe and must follow certain rules. We know this because they actually do it, every single time. We can see they are following these rules by the type of Hollywood movies that are being produced, the things that are done and said in the movies compared to the events that unfold later, either shortly thereafter or a couple years down the road. It’s all sorcery not matter how you look at it. It’s why Hollywood was created in the first place. Most people don’t know that. 

Many of the patterns we’ve noticed, and carefully examined, reveal to us that Hollywood has been weaponized against the people. The whole entire corporate world has been weaponized against us!  Therefore, it’s important to examine all CEO’s and leaders of movements, etc. Those who are using this demonic superpower to achieve their political aspirations, accomplishments, goals, world domination, and other tyrannical agendas, by oppressing the people and incorporating greater tyranny, stress, and anxiety into the lives and hive-minds of as many people as possible, are Satan’s puppets, aka The Deep State, and anyone who is somehow linked to the New World Order agenda. They are obviously allowed to use Hollywood, the MSM, social media, globalist-created fake fact checkers, political and entertainment websites, forums, and chats, to coerce and manipulate mankind’s sub-conscience into acknowledging, or simply becoming aware of the possibility of some type of imminent incoming attack occurring soon. God is definitely not running things here on earth. He may be able to intervene at times but the earth is under Satan’s power.

It is Satan’s domain but there are rules that he and his Satanic and Luciferian followers must follow. If you don’t believe that everything written here is the absolute truth, then do a little experiment for yourself, but you’ll need to keep a journal. It would probably be best if you perform this experiment based on previously produced movies and false flag attacks. Go back and watch any movie or TV program. No airtime is wasted on entertainment alone, so every scene or lyric in a song will need to be analyzed!  All airtime is used for sorcery,  witchcraft, spells, as well as a means of communication between secret society members. If you watch a program or movie, carefully scrutinize every scene and be mindful of objects in the background. Symbolism and Consciousness go hand-in-hand. They affect us because we have been programmed to be affected by certain sights, sounds, and words. It’s called a “SPELL,” as in “SPELLING.” Next, make a list of all the terrible things that have occurred since this movie or TV program was released. Events closest to the date of production are obviously going to make the most sense but there are no time limits as to when a false-flag attack or some intended event can occur after being shown in a movie or TV program. It must first seep into the hive-minds of the masses. This is how the slow disintegration of morality in our civilization are not always recognizable. They most often occur over a larger span of time, and may contain a sequence of related events. The number one way to destroy a civilization is by first demoralizing it and that was done to the USA a long ago! 

Now they are trying to coerce us into starting a violent Civil war by doing everything in their power to pit us against each other, or trigger us so we resort to violence in the streets so they can immediately call up the military and implement martial law. The moment this happens, we are done, just like the moment people convert all of their fiat currency into the government’s digital currency, also means America is done. Here we are thinking Q and the military sting operation are going to save us, but I think that is highly unlikely. To many things have been hijacked and destroyed to revert the damage already done. For instance, how in the world are we still allowing the use of Dominion voting machine? This tells me the DOJ and POLICE should be shut down by the military, despite the ramifications that will occur later as a result of us losing our most immediate source of protection. Police cowards and order followers who comply with the demands of their superiors will contribute significantly to our eroding Constitutional Republic.

The Communist-infiltrated educational system has also been used to indoctrinate the young into believing Communism is good and freedom and sovereignty are bad. They have been trained to believe anyone who likes borders and nations with a heritage is bad. Communist infiltrators also created the term “hook up” to promote promiscuity. Notice how it has become part of every teenager’s vocabulary and “hooking up” simply means “fucking” to them. They have omitted “LOVE”….”words are used as spells.” Children have been indoctrinated to believe God does not exist…but Lucifer does!  That is why they came out with the show “Lucifer,” on Netflix. The wise can also see exactly what type of narrative Netflix is trying to trick their viewers into believing, simply by reading the titles of all the videos and picturing them as a single unit. Different types of movies and TV programming produce different narratives in a person’s mind that latch on to a person’s subconscious and live there indefinitely, always affecting their daily decisions and thoughts without their knowledge of where or how those thoughts or feelings originated or why they cause a person to think and react a certain way towards certain things. A person can then be easily triggered to say or do something to further the enemy’s demonic cause. The person who is most intelligent on this subject matter is Russ Dizdar, but he has unfortunately died from the genocidal 91-DIVOC Satanic hospital protocol, just like Robb Skiba, and so many others. The mainstream media is working hand-in-hand with the Communist infiltrators to deceive the public until they comply or submit to their new tyrannical system they must now live under. The people just don’t get it. ,

Isn’t it strange how people will die at the young age of 30, 5, 12, or 22 years old and the media is forbidden to tie their deaths to the Jewish poison?  Check as many deaths or articles about people and very seldom is the cause mentioned. They are trying to hide the fact that they died from the Jewish poison!  IT IS A GENOCIDE!  We all know that’s why people are dropping dead. There is simply no denying it, unless you’re a Democrat, then you’re very good at denying things. They deny everything that is evil because they do not realize how evil they themselves are.

It’s like a gigantic Twilight Zone episode and I’m so grateful to have been given the eyes to see and the ears to hear things truthfully, but it is also both a blessing and a curse, because it’s impossible to make others comprehend what you’re trying to tell them. They just don’t get it. So many people have been shutout from knowing the truth, and I have no explanation for why that is, other than God did tell us in 2 Thessalonians 2:11, that it is possible for some people to be sent a strong delusion, or lies, that they would believe, for having rejected God. A person cannot deny that there is a great deal of evil in this world that certain individuals seem to be making it worse on purpose, but there is even more about this world that I don’t know. I can only explain what I already know, and even in knowing something, there are things I don’t know but I can say for certain all of the things mentioned on this website are the truth and you are encouraged to seek the truth, providing you know how to use a computer and the internet properly. There is a reason for everything so I really should not cast judgement upon the wicked, and I’m not, but they are an ever-increasing danger to us all. The only thing I should do is pray for them while remaining unbiased regarding the things that make them evil, but I’m also obligated to make sure they don’t do it anymore. It’s our duty to stop them from committing these heinous crimes against humanity and trying to sabotage our Constitutional Republic. #NotADemocracy The television was weaponized against the people several decades before they ever figured it out. Then add the introduction of Fluoride to the drinking water, and DARPAs mind control experiments.  FYI, DARPA is the owner of FACEBOOK!

Actually, I am free of the television. Up until now, they have used fragments of the Hegelian Dialectic to first confuse the people and then divide them. You’ve heard the term “Divide and Conquer?”  You may have also heard the term “Order out of Chaos?” Then the people are lured further away from God and God’s Heavenly Grace with temptations, especially for young horny teenagers who fall right into the many laid traps of the enemy, and each time this happens we lose a little bit more of our Grace that paves the path to Jesus Christ. It later allows for an open attack on our freedom, sovereignty, and Constitutional protection due to the enemy’s use of witchcraft, demoralization techniques, and TV programming. I like to think of a rocky coastline as the Constitution and the waves crashing down upon the rocks as the enemy. The erosion of the Constitution has been an ongoing, slow and steady covert and systematic Communist process that most of us never felt or saw happening, nor did we notice any of the changes up until now, and soon there will be nothing left to keep it standing strong. It is up to “We The People” to keep it strong and powerful, as it was originally written and intended, for our protection, freedoms, and gun rights that shall never be infringed. Pass that on to China. We are free people and will remain free forever.  Anyone who threatens that freedom will be dealt with harshly, if that is God’s Will at the moment.  


The globalists are using the Satanic Hollywood entertainment industry, which they created specifically for casting spells on TV viewers, with the help of the Zionist-owned and CIA-controlled mainstream media, to program the masses, and while they’re going about the covert destruction of the most important legal document that keeps us safe, they continue having no regard for the courts, laws, basic human rights, freedom of speech, the 2nd Amendment, the family dynamic, healthy children and families, the right to own a large piles of guns and ammunition that is equivalent in power to anything used by the armed special forces, to protect ourselves from demonic election cheaters like Kathy Hochul, Joe Biden, and Katie Hobbs , or to protect and guard your freedom, sovereignty, and Constitution by any means possible.  All of our freedoms are under attack and we are legally obligated to form militias that can be merged together to form one gigantic army that joins forces with the Marines, National Guard, and other armed special forces.  Just look how they are stomping all over the U.S. Constitution and our basic human rights! They are using the climate change hoax as their wall of defense and a springboard from which to launch their attacks on mankind, by telling them they can’t burn dead wood to keep their homes warm…because they plan on cutting off the clean energy gas supply used to currently heat your home. These people have totally lost their minds, and they are getting with endless crimes, one after another!  They either believe their own nonsense or they know they are using these lies and propaganda to slowly transition the USA into a Communist country. I’m inclined to believe the latter.  Look how they commit crimes of treason on top of their many other crimes against humanity (SATANIC BLOOD RITUALS), as if they were Satan himself. IT IS OUR RIGHT TO DEFEND OUR COUNTRY THAT IS UNDER ATTACK BY CRIMINAL “IMPOSTER” JEWS, ZIONIST CRIMINALS, AND OTHER CRIMINALS WHO HAPPEN TO BE JEWS!  Just watch the following video and you’ll get it. I can’t help it if you don’t get it. If you don’t get it then you better at least get out of our way.  Those who make our lives difficult will pay dearly as they force us to take actions in self-defense against those perpetrating fraud, mass murder, and other DELIBERATE attacks on us all.  THEY ARE NOT MANY!  WE CAN DEFEAT THEM!  #PRAYERISPOWERFUL #PRAYINTHENAMEOFJESUS AND LEARN THE SPOKEN WORDS OF JESUS CHRIST IN THE HOLY SCRIPTURES! THEREIN LIES YOUR POWER, COMBINED WITH THE PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST IN SPOKEN WORDS!


Whenever you hear Libtards re-use the word “Sustainable,” you must persuade them to examine themselves to see how they are literally chanting the “words” of this “spell” for the enemy because all “sustainable development” really means is no homes, no gardens, no guns, no cars, no boats, no motorcycles, etc. It means less of everything for us and more of everything for them, the globalists and their corrupt fake scientists. They are not joking when they say they are going to make us eat insects, regardless of which political side we’re on!  They’ve already begun doing this!  THEY NEED US DIVIDED! We are in serious trouble if people on the radical lunatic left do not wake up and join the resistance with us. We need them just as much as they will need us for this battle, and it takes many battles to win a war. As far as winning  battles goes, the patriots are getting screwed by POLICE cowards and order followers, Medical staff who agreed to implement the homicidal 91-DIVOC hospital protocols, and Globalist scientists who are pushing the CLIMATE CHANGE HOAX and DECEPTION!  Learn about HAARP and weaponized weather warfare. I suppose this next step is quite urgent. The best probable thing Libtards, demonrats, cowards and order followers of the Deep State can do, in addition to examining themselves and researching all of their beliefs, is research this topic to see precisely how they are being deceived by this climate change hoax and all of the other tyrannical events surrounding it, which are holding it in place. Once it is confirmed and they fully recognize the CLIMATE CHANGE HOAX, IT’S TIME TO TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY, BY NOT COMPLYING, BUT RESISTING ALL FORMS OF TYRANNICAL OPPRESSION and all of the surrounding evil that goes along with it! I am not yelling! I am emphasizing my words! Up until now, they’ve fully believed the climate change narrative. We must get them to notice how they’ve been programmed to think this way by being bold with our words and stern with our actions to keep them focused on the enemy! The radical lunatic left and most Demonrats, fully believe THE CLIMATE CHANGE HOAX NARRATIVE is as bad as things get, completely neglecting the fact that they have been lied to by fake globalist puppet scientists, criminal “imposter” Jews, criminal Zionists, and other criminals who happen to be Jews. Either they wake up and join the resistance or the chances we defeat them are cut in half! Ask them to research what the other real opposing scientists say about this hoax? They will tell you it is con by some of the greatest con-artists in the world. The people, or half-humans, perpetrating this fraud on mankind are doing so because they are following an EVIL agenda and that agenda involves some really evil things that patriots and anyone on the side of “GOOD,” not “EVIL” need to come to terms with now, so they can fully engage with, and finally join, the resistance. I’m not saying you should introduce them to Archons and Reptilians yet. That would be foolish and scare them off. We both know they have been deeply programmed by the enemy to think in line with what the globalist Communist dirtbags are doing. They are the ones who shout “Anti-Semite” like robotic order followers without knowing these globalists really are trying to kill us, and we have every right in the world to defend ourselves against their malicious actions and words. JEWS ARE NOT PROTECTED AND ALLOWED TO COMMIT CRIMES just because they are Jews.  How you go about this next step is up to you. I would mention how the Common Core Curriculum, Critical Race Theory, LGBTQF immoralities and pedophilia are being taught in schools to groom the children for a reason. Other Communist infiltrators have entered the educational system, including Jesuit colleges. That too, is part of a much bigger diabolical plan. Shall I make a list of all the different wrongful ways they are teaching children to think? If only they would question their own beliefs and the narratives they blindly follow, but they are too young to know they are being deceived, just like none of us knew that we were being deceived and lied to about our false history!  It is the globalist’s scientists that are corrupt. Get people in doubt to do a search for how many scientists have been killed off by the globalists! We need to get this information to the mind-controlled masses, and hopefully they will see that our being divided right now is the absolute worst possible thing for us, in terms of safeguarding our freedom, sovereignty, and basic human rights. You may think we don’t need these Libtards and Demonrats to win this battle and war, but we do! We need them to turn on the globalists also, and they’re a lot crazier than us so that’s a good thing. Get Demonrats and Libtards on board! Show them the ways they’ve been deceived and are being taken advantage of by some of the most evil men to exist on earth. There’s a reason for that but it gets too deep. You can send them to for a quick lesson and to study the blue image.  After watching the following video, scroll to the bottom of the page and view the response to a Yahoo article about Katie Hobbs and Kari Lake located here:


Now You Know Why "Critical Race Theory" is in Schools. Pitting People Against Each Other and Pushing Hatred of Family, Love, Marriage, God, Freedom, and the Constitution, is what these Demonrat puppets are ordered to do by their Khazarian mafia "imposter" Jew masters! The Government Was Hijacked By Communist Infiltrators long ago. THEY ARE ALL COMMUNISTS NOW! FIGHT BACK!

Look how badly the Demonrats have lied to the people regarding the widespread election fraud of 2020. Anyone with half a brain knows that Demonrat puppets of the Deep State and higher will stop at nothing to maintain their power. There is literally nothing that will stop them, except the law, providing the Judges and Lawyers are not corrupt, and most often they are. When you have billions of dollars you are allowed to pick your own judge and then pay them to get the results that suit you. If it’s the law that will defeat them, then that would be a miracle in my opinion. I firmly believe the laws were written by them, for them, to protect them from us, but surprisingly, we all seem to be on the same page and in agreement that violence is not going to help us in this particular war. This is a very different kind of war. It is a stealth information war that must be won legally, and so far we are making tremendous progress. Look what Vladimir Lenin had to say about Communism in the image below. This sounds like ANTIFA to me.  Who are these ANTIFA members?  Are they just uneducated nitwits or do they have a point?  They are puppets of the Deep State criminal sociopaths and “imposter” Jews. It is the criminal “imposter” Jews who pay them to cause chaos whenever chaos is needed, at times when the enemy plans on surprising us all with a pre-planned solution that usually means less freedom, less, sovereignty, and drastic changes to the Constitution.  THE CONSTITUTION SHOULD BE RESTORED TO ITS ORIGINAL FORM AND MEANING!  The founding fathers thought of every type of situation that might arise from tyrants messing with our most precious document. It should not be under attack.  It was written so it would be a self-standing document, but the ignorance of a severely dumbed-down population has seriously jeopardized it’s power. WE MUST RESTORE ITS ORIGINAL POWER!

Things have certainly changed, in terms of warfare now, compared to warfare hundreds of years ago. Although, the presence of evil has always been there, slowly and covertly corrupting the world with the help of Satan’s complicit puppets, cowards, and order followers. That has never changed, and so much unnecessary pain and suffering has been caused by the wicked deeds of these criminal “imposter Jews,” criminal Zionists, and other criminals who happen to be Jews, most of whom are Satanists and Luciferians. They are the majority and it is they who are using witchcraft and sorcery to create the world Satan needs to usher in the Anti-Christ. Now you know who is assisting Satan, but it goes much deeper than that, and the deception they have pulled over the eyes of mankind is so incredibly massive, it will take your breath away, but fear not. Relinquish any and all fear you may be harboring and recognize how fear itself is being used as a weapon against us to feed the Archons, the interdimensional entities who are the number one problem we face. Fear is a tremendously powerful weapon being used to frighten the public into compliance and submission, but it’s also use to feed the Archons. It is also being used to silence people. Do not fear fear. I know it’s difficult to do but the best thing for patriots to do is to turn that fear into love and kindness. I know, I know, I get it, it would be more satisfying to wrap your hands around their throats and squeeze until they take their last breath of air. Unfortunately, this will only make our situation a hundred times worse. Fighting fear and hate with love and kindness is a guaranteed winner!

we have more power than the kabbalists
Turn Your Fear and Hate Into Love and Kindness To Defeat The Archons, the Biggest Threat To Mankind Since The Beginning of Time. It is Real and It Is True! Stay Focused on Love and Light! I Know You Want To Choke Them Like I Do But That Will Make Things Worse!

The only difference between then and now is that people see it now, and millions more are beginning to see through their schemes, lies, and propaganda, on a daily basis, so our numbers are definitely growing! The vast majority of the world population sees the evil taking place, but those who don’t see it are easy to spot. They have rejected God and have therefore been sent a strong delusion, so they may believe the lies, and they do. It’s them who are the enemy’s greatest ally.  However, after today, there will be millions more people who see exactly how evil and rotten they are, to what depths they will go to maintain power, including hurting babies and children, and terrorizing them to harvest their Adrenochrome. I mean, just look how they are trying to use the evil media to say it’s the Trump supporters who are evil. I’ve already explained what makes them so evil, and they won’t go near this topic because they know we have mountains of evidence against them. One way or another, these criminal sociopaths are going down. 

read this article that facebook will illegally censor

There is literally nothing they would not do to get their way and maintain power, so we must be prepared for any type of false flag attack, just in case the legal system fails “We The People.” The Supreme Court has not been kind to “We The People” lately. It is really quite shocking actually, just like the January 6th deception is shocking to those who know the truth about this ANTIFA deception. You see, they are being told what to do by Satan. Only Satan would be so bold as to try and turn the situation around and make it look like anyone who opposes their evil ways is evil, and is going to destroy our democracy.  First of all, stop pushing the word “Democracy!”  We are tired of the lies and deception. It’s not working anymore. Everyone  knows we are not a democracy, nor have we ever been one, nor will we ever be one. We are a Constitutional Republic, and that means having a leader who will always do what’s right for the people. The moment that person stops doing what is best for the people, we reserve the right to let them go.  We reserve the right to prosecute them for treason, and also attempted treason.  We have witnessed how the court system is a cesspool of wicked evil Judges and B.A.R. association lawyers who seem content working for Satan. We will prosecute them as well. They have no problem lying to the American people and violating the laws right in front of our faces. They will pay for this, but vengeance is not ours to give beyond what is legal and within the constraints of God’s 10 Commandments. Pray for them. I know it’s difficult to do but it works by making them less sure of themselves and their actions. Prayer will cause them to notice their actions and question them. Aim your prayers and intentions directly at them.

Government Sovereignty

If the legal system fails “We The People,” we will need to be extremely vocal and make our presence known, at any cost that is within reason. What I mean by that is, we do not resort to any degree of evil to save the entire world. That is not what we do, nor are we capable of doing evil. That is the difference between us and the demonic radical left Demonrats. If the people see the escalating tyrannical oppression and do nothing about it, vocally, legally, and spiritually, they will live to regret that day. For starters, it’s time for justice to be served to the people, by showing all cowards and order followers the door, for going along to get along, which really just means they are full participants in the enemy’s evil plan and will contribute to their tyrannical world domination methodology, mostly because they are cowards and order followers who will not listen to reason or take a stand for what’s right. I’m thinking about Twitter, Facebook, and Google right now, and all of the people who remain to be employed by such evil corporations. Even users of these social media platforms have no business being there. Why would anyone want to divulge their personal information to organizations that are monitored heavily by DARPA and the CIA?  Anyhow, wherever these people work, their services will no longer be needed. This will force them to seek the Lord, and by doing so, that we will bring them closer to God and us, so we can bring them into our fold with billions of other Christians who are awake. We are here to win souls and by any means necessary. The enemy is here to prevent that from happening. We have God on our side, and that is why we’re winning and why they will lose in the end. Won’t they be surprised when the last thing they see as they’re falling into the abyss is Satan saying “Thank you for helping me.”

First Bilderberg Meeting, 1954

I’ll add new contents routinely so please bookmark the site and check for new posts here.  Most of the content is previously written content (mountains of it) and I’ll be uploading all of it over the next 3 months. I’ll be in my bunker for the next 3 months, writing, playing keyboards, praying, making ammunition, and uploading life-saving content. I really wish I could bring myself to do videos. The problem is, I have a lot on my plate, or I’ve taken on way more than I can handle, so I am constantly jumping around from project to project, since they are all equally important. I feel like there is not enough time in this life to do all the things I want to do, and I’m not speaking in terms of having fun, but about shedding the things of this world so the only baggage we have to worry about when we die is our soul, which we should be guarding with our life. We just need to keep our soul protected at all times. Oh, as an added bonus, study the blue image at and please share it. This is a great tool for waking people up. Everything mentioned in the blue image is the truth. You are encouraged to research all of these topics, as long as you know how to do research and use a search engine properly. I have recently learned that the search engine Ecosia works great for finding what you’re looking for instead of something manufactured, orchestrated, or fabricated by the enemy. I don’t know how long it will remain that way since I have yet to see a website or business that did not cower to these Luciferian enemies of humanity at some point, and eventually do as they command. They all cave to some degree. 

Demonrat Lies and Deception

It’s time to make a concerted effort to wake people up. Some people do this with Memes, which is brilliant, and others do it with writing and painting an image of the truth inside the minds of as many people as possible, to carefully portray the reality of their very nefarious plots against mankind. Actually, all you need to do to see the truth is make a list of all their crimes and false-flag attacks that have occurred recently, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. A good place to start for beginners is 9/11/2001, or a few days before. Even a simple list will do. You will begin to notice the trends that occur after seemingly insignificant actions taken by the globalists turn out to be far more significant than we ever realized, based on the type of event it triggered. Every move they make is meant to move them closer to their goal of a one world government. They are slipping these changes by us with TV programming and witchcraft, or slipping them into the next Bill to be passed by Congress. All of these things are indivThis process should be totally illegal!  Did you know that fruits and vegetable of today are not nearly as nutritious as they were 100 years ago?  This affects our ability to fight back. Therefore, the best way to fight back is to start out slow and build a short list of their crimes. They are not pushing GMO foods because they are good for us. If they were good for us, they would be forbidden, and anyone with a GMO garden would be arrested. The only things allowed by the Demonrats and criminal “imposter” Jews in Congress are things that are considered an abomination to God. Anyone who sides with God is stricken down. We’ll see how long that lasts. They have no idea how close they are to going to prison. 

The Freedom Deception and Lies To Mankind

Next, make an even longer list, a more detailed one, hopefully as soon as possible. Please share your findings. When you notice even a few things on the list, you begin to wonder a lot of different things, and then you will wonder how long they’ve been deceiving you, but when you see a list of hundreds of attacks on mankind by these ruthless globalists, there is something about seeing it written down in list form that really sends it home to the brain. I plan on doing this again uploading it as fast as possible. Hopefully these truths will be enough of a shock to their system that it sparks something inside them and causes a beacon of bright light to shine out of their foreheads and burst through the surrounding darkness and evil, until the light completely soffocates the darkness. 

2nd amendment shall not be infringed

This is our time to really examine ourselves to confirm the paradyme we believe in is accurate, so we can shine our brightest, because our lives here on earth literally depend on it. I also don’t want our children to grow up in bondage or permanent slavery. Fighting for the next generation, and generations to come, is why we do what we do. Otherwise, the horror show they are preparing for mankind, especially Americans, is going to be like nothing the world has ever seen. I am familiar with prophecy and recognize how many different people agree with what I’m saying. They’ve indicated they are experiencing or noticing prophetic events from the Bible occurring in our timeline, and according to the Bible, this generation is the last generation before the veil is lifted, for all to witness how badly we’ve been deceived. This is happening right now.  Everyday, millions more people enter the awakening process. It is absolutely astounding!

Never Let The Government Take Your Guns and Ammunition. Stock Up!

By all of these prophetic events coming true right now, as many have already, we should confirm our status with God and Jesus Christ and proceed to resist all of the many forms of tyrannical oppression taking place, and this is one of them. This video proves we are under attack by criminal “imposter” Jews, criminal Zionists in the mainstream media, and other criminals who happen to be billionaire Jews.  If you’re going to say that the following video is just the result of incompetence, that is not going to fly. Some group of wicked people planned this and it is our duty to find out who, and punish them accordingly. We already know why they are attacking us, because we were created in God’s image and because there are many Satanic Jewish families in the USA who are committing all sorts of diabolical atrocities on babies and small children, this is no surprise to me. However, it will be a surprise for many and many will reject the truth, because it is hard to imagine anyone could be so evil. Think again and make a list.  Like I said, if you want to confirm to yourself and others that we are, indeed, under attack, then you must make a list of even the smallest things that got us here. Even the Jews created the women’s liberation movement for different reasons. Some believe only the economical factors, but I am here to tell you it is much more evil than that. How far back you go is up to you, but I strongly suggest beginning either at JFK’s assassination and speech or a few days before 9/11/2001.

These Guns Use The Same Kind and Quantity of Ammo

“Christianity may be our call to action, but not in terms of war and violence. We can defeat them with our legal system and lots of prayer and meditation, so we are always working on making our own personal beacon of light shine brighter as well, which will assist others in making theirs shine brighter too. In short, it feels like improving our personality, disposition, and attitude, that we are striving to improve by being of service to others as much as possible. Doing this routinely will make our consciousness shine and grow closer to God. People must first contend with the battle between good and evil taking place inside them first.

Israeli Mossad Attacks America Enemy Jews

People who make good choices become Holy and people who make bad choices become evil. That is the natural progression of events, or the flow of things that lead to parents not recognizing their children becoming evil or the other way around, children not recognizing their parents becoming evil. It’s witchcraft 101, and that is what’s being used on the world population right now, especially Americans, to mold the type of world the globalists desire. Most of the time their methods are a “silent, slow, and covert” process, and it’s taken them at least 240 years to get this far. The corruption in the world is not natural. There are people who are literally in communication with inter-dimensional non-human entities, and they do what they are told in exchange for riches and power. Now I’m inclined to believe that Jesus Christ would commend His people for going up against this tyrannical 666 beast system, providing we do it as a team effort, and through the legal system.  Nobody can do it alone, and a physical altercation is exactly what they want, so they can implement martial law and activate the blue-helmets. When I remember how they’ve taken great strides to smuggle into the USA thousands of armored United Nations vehicles, it infuriates me. I can’t help but get frustrated and angry and want to rip their ears off, but I realize that is not Christ-like way. I just pray that we do enough to win and prevent them from executing their end times horror show on all of the Goyim, especially white people. Make no mistake about it, this is a war against white people. Take a step back and examine what they are doing.  Listen to what type of information the mainstream media is parroting, if you’ve reached a stage in the awakening process where it’s safe for you to do so.


3 buildings fell on 9-11-2001 due to mini-nukes

We are united by God, and need not be united by anything else to fight for what’s right and humane. When I see good people being harmed, what can I do to assist them? What steps should I take that will last?  Some steps may get positive results but the results are not permanent. We must make sure we get permanent results this time. #WidespreadElectionFraud #DemonicDemocrats

My Response To The Article "Katie Hobbs grows lead over Kari Lake in latest returns from Arizona governor's race" Obviously this title is another LIE! SO MANY DAMN LIES! THEY MAKE ME SICK!

Widespread election fraud evidence was produced during the 2020 election and only a couple of Democrats, politicians, were good enough people to admit the theft taking place was fraudulent and President Trump was the rightful winner of the 2020 Presidential Election. I mean come on! We are not stupid! Stop playing around and acknowledge this in the media, you deceitful scums. Sorry about that, sometimes I forget I’m writing in third person and get a little upset by the situation and quickly switch to first person. This occurrence of Democrat departures from their party was not only politicians either. I don’t know how many people this amounts to in total, but I know someone somewhere is keeping tabs on this, and I also know it’s a thousand times more than whatever the lying and deceiving mainstream media is telling us it is.

Actually, their lies have become so bold and embraisened, and then they don’t bother to allow patriots an opportunity to rebuttle their attacks on Americans by adding our comments in the mainstream media. The whole entire mainstream media apparatus, including Hollywood, CNN, and really the entire corporate beast system in the entire world, has become corrupt. It’s all going to change for the better if you just hear me out and get through this website. Those who are creating the mainstream media’s 3AM talking points, behave as though they are masters of mind control manipulation who are allowed to do the things they do. They are not allowed to bombard us with any form of mind-control. I realize the biggest traitor in the USA, whom I believe will have his Presidency stripped from him, will be Hussein and several others. We will prove their crimes too, while we’re proving the current globalist’s crimes, and all of their hive-mind puppets. You see, they take the “deny, deny, deny,” approach, wheras Conservatives take the Thou Shalt Not Lie approach. Telling the truth is such an admirable thing to do and that is why Americans love America, because we are the majority and we are honest people of God.

When God is not around, everything turns to crud, and believe it or not, this is exactly what they want. They want a world of crud for many reasons that I just can’t get into yet, but it’s very deep and it’s very dark. We teach our children that it’s admirable to speak the truth, to do no harm, to share, to be kind, to not steal, to treat your parents and elders with respect, the importance of good manners at the dinner table and throughout life, combined with good etiquette. All of these things just come natural to us, but that’s because we are on the side of “Good,” and there is a real “Bad” side that does not practice these things. That would be Satanists, Luciferians, and Communists, primarily.

Actually, those who want this world of crud are a very small minority. They want us to believe that it’s all Democrats who are this way. They want us to blame the crumbling civilization on Democrats, and Democrats probably want to blame it on us Conservatives. For starters, I don’t see skin color. I am a patriot and we want what is best for every living man, woman, and child, regardless of their skin color or any of their characteristics. None of it matters. If they are a living person they are entitled to these inalienable rights. The people who control the mainstream media are using the media to turn us against each other so we don’t pay any attention to them literally destroying our civilization with mostly Hegelian Dialectic maneuvers. It is they who are terrorists. It is they who are the racists. It is they who have weaponized the television by infiltrating and weaponizing Hollywood. It is they who have created an endless siphon of profit by infiltrating and weaponizing the medical industry, to keep us ill as long as possible. It is they who have weaponized our fruits and vegetables by genetically modifying them, while they have a huge seed vault in the antarctic for when they are done depopulating, and lastly, it is they who have weaponized the weather against us with many different HAARP locations or similar facilities throughout the world, combined with NASA’s proven ability to weaponize the weather, and the weaponization of directed energy weapons to target any person they want to give that person a heart attack. I realize this is a lot. You’re doing great! Please stay with me. The weaponization of weather is a multi-pronged attack and platform from which they launch just about everything they do. It will begin to make sense if you stick with me.

They use the media to pump up anything that is dark or evil and they promote it. Then they use the media to try and trick people into believing that’s what the world is like! It’s not, and people see that it’s not! The people see straight through their lies and attacks but because the globalists are so caught up in their own lies, boldness, and embraizenedness, they reject our awareness of every single attack method they use against us, and then pretend as though they are doing a good deed, to trick the youngsters into believing good is bad and bad is good. None of this is tolerable and not everything needs to be discussed in the news just because it is going to make people really depressed. They are trying to create chaos and disorder so they can provide us with the solution, order, as in “creating order out of chaos.” I’m all about the ability to access all news, but they focus on weaponizing every second of airtime against us. Therefore, it’s imperative that a person only watch the television after their senses have been awakened or after they are certain they are in the awakening process. This can be a very good thing, and it usually is. Many people start here and say its the best thing they ever did. They can’t imagine what their life would be like had they not entered the awakening process, which is really a thing that can profoundly change your life for the better….”GOOD,” not “BAD.” Don’t worry, the globalists are going to be punished for this!

It is unnecessary, unproductive, and unhealthy to bombard us with propaganda, even though it was illegally made legal by Hussein, the traitor. However, there’s a reason the globalists like crud and want us to believe the whole world is the way they show us on televison. They are trying to trick the consciousness of mankind into believing the world is more evil than good. The idea that we have a bigger population that is diseased from Liberalism, than that of patriots, people of God, and just all-around good people, is a deception. It is witchcraft! Do not fall into this deception. It can suck you in and change you and that is what it has done to young, impressionable, naive, and gullible, college students. I realize they believe they are free-thinking adults and we respect that but it’s false. They are like little sheep being led to the slaughter and we are pleading with them to let us show them how. For starters, there are far more good people than evil people in the world, and some, who are currently evil, may just need a little nudge in the right direction towards good, providing they can release a little of their pride and let us show them the truth, so they see how they are first, being used and deceived, and second, are loved, appreciated, and respected by all patriots and people of God worldwide, just for being alive and one of God’s people. Those in service to others, who genuinely care about others and are able to not let this world drag them down to the level of crud created by the demonic class, are the people I most respect. We all have challenges. It’s up to us to solve them and get through the difficult times with the help of each other and God.

There are many more good people in the world than the mainstream media is letting on. They only show the wicked and sinful. That’s lesson number one. The disgusting filth, which stems from the disease of Liberalism, which is attempting to suffocate the USA, so they can slooowly transition us to Communism, will slowly be removed from our lives and world, once we send them all to prison. They have committed treason and we are going to act swiftly, but I need your help to do something for me.  It’s coming up soon. These globalists did not use the law to embark on a covert war against us, they used stealth, lies, and deception. There is no excuse for that. In our world of “normalcy,” this kind of behaviour is punished, and that is precisely what’s going to happen, and could happen if people help me out.  Now that we know they are literally coming after our freedom, sovereignty, and Constitution, because they are Communists, we are going to use the legal process to send them all to prison for treason and crimes against humanity, beyond your wildest imagination.  We are a nation of laws. We are a nation of God, not Lucifer. We are most certainly not a nation of witchcraft and sorcery like they are, which you will eventually see for yourself. Since these Luciferian enemies of humanity thought they could use the media and manipulate the entire U.S. population by committing treason without getting in any trouble, they will need to go through the legal process, the Common Law Process. That is happening right now and patriots are winning.

They’ve made a terrible mistake, because they are greedy and wanted their victory before it was time to take.  However, even if they would’ve waited and tried to surprise attack us into becoming a Communist country, we would’ve still used the law and defeat them. The problem is, we need to get all of their Communist-infiltrators out of all government and corporate positions, and when you factor in how diseased the rest of the world has also become, everyone will benefit from this strategy I am about to explain shortly. Don’t misunderstand me when I say that. The world is diseased. Corporations and the systems installed by the globalists are diseased. They will all me given a makeover but it’s going to take at least a decade, and possibly more to accomplish every single task.  Staring with the media first, the medical sytem, the banking system, and the educational system, will give us something to build from and improve upon.

They are the enemy terrorists who have been creating terrorist narratives while using hired guns to orchestrate their skirmishs and wars, which the globalists paid for by financing both sides of every war! The people are wise to their schemes. For several decades, they managed to infiltrate the educational system and indoctrinate the young into believing their many different narratives, mostly those centered around Liberalism, Racism, and things we were way beyond. In other words, before they started pushing the racism narrative and using the media to make it appear like racism is a much larger problem than it is, we seldom heard a peep about racism. People were getting along just fine. Yes, there are deranged, Godless people, in the world who need help. That is why we have “THE LAW,” but they can’t get away with using a few bad seeds to push these initiatives that threaten our free speech and inalienable rights. This would please them but it’s not going to happen. We need all Americans on board because we are still at war against the globalists and they are still dangerous. It’s unfortunate that so many colleges have a huge percentage of Liberals. I don’t know if many people would consider speaking out about the topic of Liberalism as a disease that corrupts and destroys nations by first turning them into corrupt Communist nations. These students are like baby sheep who are too afraid to think for themselves and I commend those who do. Many who believe they are right about so many things did not come up with these ideas on their own. They were spoon fed the information by the mainstream media and the corrupt Communist-infiltrated and LGBTQF infiltrated educational system. It must be challenging being in that kind of environment, surrounded by so many other hive-mind victims of coercion, tv programming, as well as the Satanic influence of the Hollywood Entertainment Industry, combined with the fantasy world of the Zionist-owned and CIA-controlled mainstream media. I have a solution that will help us all coming up soon, because as of now, nobody is getting arrested. I know why and I have a solution that I’m positive will work. Will you please help me?

Liberalism is a huge epidemic and those primarily affected by it were previously and literally dumbed-down by the corrupt and Communist-infiltrated education system. This is true. These villains really did make a concerted effort to make American people really stupid. The media also worked hard trying to make them believe racism is this huge thing that causing our nation to crumble! That is a lie, as I previously explained! The only thing crumbling our nation is the “continued” deliberate dumbing down of young people, who eventually turn into adults, and the “continued” demoralization of our society with the “continued” deliberate infestation of pornography and immoralities. We need to work on removing all of these things so God can Bless us with abundance. We had a great thing going but the globalists, and the handful of people at the very top of the pyramid of power and control, have had enough of us useless eaters and they are currently on a killing spree. I can prove it, and so can many others. There is not doubt these globalists are going to prison. I will spend my retirement fighting them! If you don’t want to live in crud, like these demonically possessed globalists, and if you want the light of God to shine down upon this nation once again, we must do the opposite of whatever they are spending their time and money on. We are going to seize ownership of the mainstream media through the legal system, because there will be nobody to run it after the guilty are sent to prison or reeducation facilities, so we can show them the truth, the honest truth, not our version of the truth, but the real truth. People are furious and know that all of the things I’ve spoken of so far, are the truth, and we are still in danger, because they are sociopaths and we know they will stop at nothing to maintain their power and wealth. I see it every day, because I watch them, listen to them, and read their content every day. I know what the disease is and if people allow us to show them the truth, we will gladly show them, in peace and love, how this world can really thrive on Goodness. This was God’s original plan. Don’t get me wrong, I realize the very same demonic interdimensional entities that are in communication with the globalists right now, will try and corrupt some new people. We must never become complacent again. We must have an agenda that is constantly focused on improving the “Goodness” of the world by doing what is best for the people. It is our world, not those who want to kill us. We are the majority, not them. They are welcome to stay and enjoy the earth with us, but it will be behind bars.

From my angle, the vast majority of Americans are patriotic gun-owning defenders of their family, home, and rights. God does not need defenders. The globalists have seriously miscalculated our position because we have the capability of educating anyone who is confused about the Climate Change Hoax. Sure, all the things they say about sound good and true, and they even sound like common sense, but they are all junk. We will prove it to you if you allow us. We are trying to help and only want what is best for mankind, and while protecting the earth is important, we are not damaging it as badly as the media says. It has been blown totally out of proportion and the scientists who backup their claims are only doing so because they are on the globalist’s payroll, as I may have already mentioned. I would strongly encourage people to research the scientist first.  Then determine if what they are saying is correct. I promise you! I give you my word!  You will eventually discover the Climate Change narrative is a hoax and nothing but a tool to tyrannically oppress the entire world population into submission and permanent slavery.  Please believe me for now, but please research it.  Everything I’ve written here is the truth and I will continue to speak the truth only, not based on my feelings or intuition, but based on actual facts and things that are known to be true. When it comes to God, that is based on my undying Faith and Love for Jesus Christ.  The most improvement in one’s life, can best be achieved by accepting Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit into your life. There are ways to do this properly, so you are Saved. You will find it.  Tip: When you read a tiny bit of the Bible each day, God rewards you with Grace, but there’s only one problem with that.  You won’t notice you have stored up a lot of Grace until the Bible starts making more sense than it did the day before. Eventually, and soon, it doesn’t take long, you will discover many really cool things that were written the way they were to prevent authorities from changing its meaning. How can I best explain this?  You will eventually notice how the Bible was written the way it was written so it would stand the test of time.  So, to sum it up, God will reward you with Grace if you stick with it each day. Take small bites and savor the content as you go about your day. It’s absolutely fascinating. We are in communication with God and the globalists are in communication with demons. 

The actions these globalist scientists and globalist puppet politicians are taking are only in put in place to oppress us and make us weak, and then ill. They are totally unnecessary and real scientists who are not on the globalist’s payroll will tell you so. More on that later. After being influenced by the truth, some major common-sense evidence, many Democrats decided to leave their grubby Democratic-Socialist-Liberalism party and proudly joined Republicans/Conservatives. This was a huge step in the right direction and the Deep State lost it. Patriots took tremendous strides during this time period. This continued for 2 more years with thousands of people becoming Republican/Conservatives. Truth be told, it’s a lot more than they say it is. These brave new Republicans/Conservatives became filled with the Truth and Light of God. This was a huge step in the right direction for them and the world, and the Deep State flipped out! This continued for 2 more years with thousands of people becoming Republican/Conservatives. Truth be told, it’s a lot more people than the media is saying. Some brave Democrats saw the evidence and spoke up in the media and that was the end of it, but in the alt-media, millions of patriots became infuriated when the corrupt Supreme Court rejected our undeniable and indisputable election fraud evidence, and became determined to not give up until all Liberals and Democrats were flipped to the proper side of Good.  American patriots, are not giving up, because a crime was committed of the worst kind and we are a nation of Laws and those laws give us inalienable rights, and we intend on using them. Inalienable rights supersede governmental laws and cultural norms. These natural rights include the right to think for oneself, the right to life, and the right to self-defense, and they remain through every person’s lifetime. We became even more enraged when the mainstream media continued lying to us and began to withhold the truth from the people, many of whom didn’t have a clue what was happening. They didn’t know that a coup d’état was taking place. This is treason and those who are responsible for it will be punished. Watch and see. I have a solution, and that is exactly why I’m creating this website.

When the court rejected the common-sense evidence, and relentlessly rejected the facts, time and time again during the 2020 election fraud trials, the people should’ve been able to rely on the media to bring the truth to light, but the mainstream media let us down and followed direct orders from their owners to keep the truth in the dark, plain and simple. When the option to remain silent jeopardizes the safety and welfare of the American people, treason has occurred. Ownership does not give the owners the right to deceive, coerce, manipulate, or lie to the people when it is The Constitution that is the “LAW OF THE LAND,” even if the enemy claims the Constitution does not exist anymore. That is not how the law works, and we’re going to prove it by throwing these criminal sociopaths who are responsible for this 2020 widespread election fraud cases, in prison, because now it’s happening again! in the 2022 Midterm elections. THEY ARE CHEATING RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CAMERAS AND THEY DON’T CARE WHO SEES THEM! Do you know why? Because they absolutely cannot let Kari Lake win in Maricopa. If they do, they are all going to prison! More on that soon. That’s how close we were to sending them to prison. This should’ve never happened, especially when there’s an abundance of evidence from 2020 and the same for the 2022 Midterms. We should’ve been able to trust and count on the media, that they would jump all over these election fraud cases and reveal the evidence that clearly showed blatant election fraud and an attack on our Constitution, but they didn’t. This should’ve been exposed for the wrong that was done to Americans and all of mankind but it wasn’t. Do you want to know why the Supreme Court betrayed the people? “BLACKMAIL, in addition to their need to cover up other crimes,” but their day in prison is coming soon. So many people are going to prison. It’s going to shock the entire world, but when it happens, we will all be officially free, and really for the first time ever. As I remember writing somewhere, the moment we defeat the globalists, and we will, you are going to feel as light as a feather and as happy as a clam….LOL! You will notice it in your body, mind, and spirit.

When the Communist-infiltrated Supreme Court threw out these election fraud cases, they did so on the basis of not even looking at the evidence. Have you ever heard of such a thing? They literally chose to say “NOPE!” we’re not going to sit through this evidence of election fraud! CASE CLOSED When that happens and when the Constitution is violated so ferociously by these demonic lunatics, it puts us all in grave danger, as you can see now, by how close we are to losing our freedom, sovereignty, and Constitution, and so much more. The mainstream media is supposed to be the eyes and the ears of the people, regardless of who owns it. That is their job, and when they stop doing their job, they must be fired, but that is not what’s happening, and for one primary reason. We are not the owners of the companies. It shouldn’t matter when it is obvious certain types of information, facts, and evidence are being withheld, or when we know the court is lying, and Treason is being committed. This is when most people begin to start noticing how we are in the middle of a covert worldwide Communist invasion because Communist infiltrators have hijacked the U.S. Government and some very strategic corporations, a power that good leaders, lawyers, judges, police, FBI, DOJ, and other authorities should’ve never allowed to be usurped! So, now you see the problem. Nobody can be arrested! Anyone who was supposed to arrest the criminals did not do their job, mostly due to blackmail, but they will pay dearly later. In hindsight, we never should’ve allowed these globalists and people at the top of the pyramid to get as powerful as they did and I know how to prevent that situation after we seize all of their assets and send them to prison. See my sidenote.

SIDENOTE: Imagine if all of the money that was stolen from the American people in the name of “taxes” was used to buy stocks and bond and other types of investments, we would own the world. Why wasn’t that done? Is it because some greedy men wanted it all for the themselves. With those investments, we would’ve been able to do so much for every single American citizen. Now, imagine if that process was used for the whole world? Every single living person would have the best medical care, go to the best schools, and we could afford to keep all forms of tyranny away. I still believe this can be done, but people need to recognize how these evil wicked globalists and international bankers who wanted it all for themselves, and are now using the Hegelian Dialectic, Political Correctness, and Liberalism to open the door for Communism. This website is about shutting them down, implementing system that will help the people, which will involve completely eliminating and totally remodelling many of the systems that are currently in place. Many of the systems that are in place are in place to do good for the people but they are used for other nefarious activities, and I can think of several. However, this conspiracy against mankind and all of God’s creation is so monstrous, with many tentacles, that there is no time to talk about the tentacles when the enemy is at the back door, with us locked inside, and they are holding the key and lock. I know of a way to fix this but people need to help me get the information into the proper hands.

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