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Police Officers Worldwide Obey 33rd Degree Freemason Police Chiefs

freemasons footsoldiers of jesuit order

Why Are So Many Police Officers Freemasons? Houston, We Have A Problem!

I don’t know if this is 100% accurate but I heard that roughly 95% of all police officers are Freemasons. I seriously doubt the number is that high but it is something that deserves our immediate attention and investigation. If this is true, we have a serious dilemma on our hands that is moving like a freight train towards its final end game, a Luciferian, Communist one-world-government. Plus, the likelihood of this even being somewhat accurate is high, considering the number of Democrats and RINOs not getting arrested for a never-ending list of blatant crimes, including crimes against humanity, as if they are completely untouchable. It begs the question, “are they being protected by 33rd degree Freemason Police Officers,” because they’ve taken an oath to the Satanic Brotherhood of Freemasonry and that oath overrides their oath to the United States Constitution and We The People, or Just Common Decency? I believe the short answer is “YES!”

police officers cannot be freemasons it is a conflict of interest
When you have police officers in high positions that are Freemasons nobody who commits high crimes of treason, pedophilia, Satanic ritual abuse, or other, is ever going to be arrested. Do you get it? The people committing those crimes are Freemasons or have ties to Freemasons because Freemasons have a plan for a Luciferian One World Government and New World Order, and if you think they don't then you are naive and part of the problem that is enslaving us ever more each passing day we allow cowards, order followers, and tyrannical authoritarians to oppress us and command us to obey them.

Let’s be very clear here, these Freemasons at the top, and that’s really all that matters since they control the entire world, are Luciferians and they don’t deny it. They flaunt that they are members of an upper-class secret society and we all know what goes on inside this cult. They’re just able to get away with it because, one, they work under strictly covert terms of silence, with a penalty of death for anyone who speaks out against them, which is more severe than any mafia, and two, they are known as great philanthropists for their monetary contributions and for helping out communities, mainly women and children’s organizations.  Does an alarm bell go off when you hear this?  It should.  Allow me to elaborate. 

Freemasons Run The Country

I am of the opinion that even if the number of police officers who are Freemasons was only 40% of the total, that would be enough to give them serious power and a highly effective defense system, giving them free reign to commit just about any sin (crime) under the sun. They have become untouchable!  Shall I list all of the Blackops they are responsible for? You can be certain a Freemason is behind them all. I’m inclined to believe that it is more likely that Police Chiefs or Captains would be Freemasons, and not the low-level order followers. As a matter of fact, these Police Chiefs or Captains are probably 33rd degree Freemasons. Furthermore, I’m pretty sure you can’t be a police officer with an IQ above 102, if so, we’d see more police officers aware of what’s happening and refusing to follow tyrannical orders. Actually, the primary reason people are not aware of what’s happening is because they are simply not guided by the Holy Spirit or protected by the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. This explains the never-ending attacks on Christians throughout the world and ages. Christians are in the way of evil. You want a perfect world, hire Christians who still have morals, since we know the first thing to go when trying to topple a nation, is morality. By now you’ve probably figured out that we are also in an end-times spiritual war between God and Satan.

Freemasonry is evil. You have been warned.

I would wager that if we were to make it law that Police Officers cannot take an oath to Freemasonry while simultaneously taking an oath to the Constitution, and those who already have were forced to resign, we would begin to see some arrests trickle in, and that momentum would quicken as new Christian police officers with morals were hired, providing we can shelter the new police officers from incoming threats. I’m not sure we have that much time left since we are already in the middle of a world-wide Communist takeover and a highly successful depopulation event with so many uneducated people falling in line to get a vaccination that is not really a vaccination for something that doesn’t even exist. Yes, the Flu exists but there are no variants. Neither COVID, or any of the so-called variants have ever been isolated in a lab! Go ahead, ask the tough questions before you volunteer your life to this genocide, and that’s precisely what it is.  I do hope and pray that people wake up soon, and the fastest way to do that is for them to abandon their pride and accept Jesus Christ into their lives, and for the sake of the entire human race, I pray that this happens.  Actually, if you know someone who just won’t listen to reason, which is virtually everyone under this Luciferian spell, you need to get them to seek answers at or  Keep in mind that these sites, especially is under attack.  People are digging their own grave and the graves of their fellow living men and women by being complacent.  That’s right! Their complacency and willful ignorance is jeopardizing the entire world.  Therefore, all mask wearing idiots are the enemy!

COVID Mask Wearing Idiots

It is imperative that we pray for these lost souls and for our enemies as well. When you understand how they are literally under demonic possession, meaning they literally have demons inside them, you begin to see how they probably believe they are doing the right thing. On the contrary, many of these people at the very top are known as unempathetic sociopaths. The absence of God is Evil and I didn’t need a medical degree to figure that out.

5G Will Be Used To Activate Graphene

How could people in power be so naive, to have allowed so many police officers to become Freemasons? The truth is, Freemasons have had almost three centuries to infiltrate every industry and organization in the world, so the corruption runs very deep, and people see dollar signs way before they ever see the bigger picture, if at all, one that involves laying facedown on a wooden bench staring at a pile of decapitated heads, for all the survivors of a genocidal bio-weapon meant to instill fear so a lethal toxin can be mandated as the cure-all potion. Speaking of potions, the current vaccines are literally a “witch’s brew.” If you knew the Satanic ceremonies that take place in Hollywood over a new musician’s album or even a movie, this would make a lot of sense. The number one problem in the world is Witchcraft. Did you really think it went away?

We Are At War With Satanists

There are four primary manufacturers of the COVID vaccines, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson, and Moderna. We can safely say these four manufacturers are the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Also, in true Freemason fashion, each of these experimental COVID vaccines are multi-purpose poisons, and each so-called vaccine does different things, for different types of reactions, in different parts of the world, but they also have some of the same characteristics. Also, people in certain demographic regions are given a choice between two of the four vaccines but never are given the option to choose from all four. This is very peculiar. For some nefarious reason, the choice of two was made and that’s what stuck. After all, it’s their genocide. Freemasons never do anything unless there can be multiple outcomes, one, to cover their tracks, two, to ensure the intended tasks are completed, three, so at least one of multiple different outcomes is achieved, and four, to kill patriots, veterans, gun owners, Christians, useless eaters, Goyim, and Anti-Abortion activists since abortion is their number one Satanic blood ritual at the present time, because they’ve failed to start a new war and are losing their demonic power. Although, it now appears as though they’re trying to start some kind of skirmish in Afghanistan, to distract people from following the election fraud audits in the Zionist-owned and CIA-controlled mainstream media. 

6 Feet Apart in Satanic Rituals

Several videos have emerged revealing all of the theatrical events occuring in Afghanistan, and it really is all theater. Anyhow, do you want to know what they’re working on right now? A famine, primarily for the USA. As a matter of fact, these Satan worshiping freaks have been orchestrating wars, famines, plagues, and genocides, for thousands of years. They are the root of all the world’s problems and are responsible for keeping the earth in constant turmoil or chaos because out of chaos comes order. It is a game of “Problem>Reaction>Solution.” Have you noticed the food supply chains slowly getting cut off? Haven’t you noticed certain things disappearing from the grocery store shelves? Don’t you think it’s time to put these 33rd degree Freemasons in prison? Or, let’s pass a Bill that forces all State Police Departments to reveal which police officers are Freemasons and force them to turn in their resignation due to a very serious conflict of interest. Is there a way to do this legally? Think, and pass this on, unless you are a coward. We are running out of time.

Here’s the big problem. Nobody knows the truth about Freemasons. Here’s a video explaining Freemasonry from a former Freemason who fears for his life now, but felt it was his duty to get this information out to the mind-controlled masses. Try explaining it to people and you get the typical giggle, a roll of the eyes, and “you must be a conspiracy theorist.”  Meanwhile, they are killing you slowly using many different methods.  GO TO BITCHUTE.COM!  GO TO LBRY.COM  Go anywhere except YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.  

In closing, allow me to say one more thing. Every single conspiracy theory I’ve ever researched has turned out to be true. We do not live on a spinning ball and nobody has ever gone to the moon. NASA is a money syphon for Black Ops. Hopefully, people will take it from there and do some research before the current ongoing censorship of all truth by Google manages to hide all the information that can set us free for the first time in thousands of years. #Q #Freemasons #Freemasonry #COVID #Genocide #BioWeapons #Vaccines #Apocalypse #FourHorsemen #EndTimes #Luciferians #OneWorldGovernment #Psyop #Deception

This video will answer all of your questions and reveal the truth. It will also help people realize the internet is deliberately flooded with disinformation, such as the “related posts section,” to keep people confused. Honestly, I’m astonished by how completely ignorant people are and even more astonished by the way they purposely reject the truth. This is all Biblical. Go To and start asking some questions.  Watch some videos and learn the truth that is being kept from the public!  Some people will have the eyes and ears to comprehend what is happening and others won’t. It will go in one ear and out the other, or it will bounce off the rocks between their ears. I realize this is going to upset a lot of people. The truth does that. We are running out of time and people better wake up fast or their entire family will be dead from either a vaccine, guillotine, gas chamber, or famine.  If you don’t believe me, just look at the mainstream media through the lens of uncensored BitChute videos, NOT the lying and deceiving mainstream media. The mainstream media is the enemy of the people.  What’s most astonishing about this Satanic Blood Ritual is that people are under a spell and will not listen to anyone.  They won’t go to to learn the truth. Instead, they will line up to get poisons injected into their body that are now responsible for millions of deaths.  Do you believe us now?  IT’S A GENOCIDE YOU NITWITS!


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