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The COVID Deception is Best Explained By This Video. The USA is Under Attack By Communist Infiltrators. (Click the button below)

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All a person needs to do to confirm the freedom and sovereignty of American citizens and citizens of the world is under attack by Communist infiltrators disguised as Rhino Republicans, and the Chinese Communist Party, is open your eyes!  For the love of God!  Open your eyes people!  Next, add up all of their treasonous acts since the mini-nuke explosions and Satanic blood ritual of September 11th, 2001.  Observe what they have done since 2016, especially their treasonous crimes against President Trump, the U.S. Constitution, and the American people.  They began attacking heavily in 2016 as part of their 16 year plan but that plan was abruptly halted when President Trump took the helm.  Now they are back at it again and moving at warp speed. Politicians are allowing this Communist beast system to grow in power because of threats when the only time those threats will become a reality is if this country is converted to Communism.  Now we are dealing with widespread election fraud that could’ve been resolved by the Supreme Court, but in a shocking turn of events, the Supreme Court did not do the right thing and rejected the evidence and the case, because they are cowards who allowed the threats to change their course of action. This is not what a strong patriot does.  They are a disgrace and any future honors bestowed upon them by dumbasses should be protested. Just like the mainstream media should not receive any awards for being traitors and doing exactly what the Rockefeller Foundation asked them to do, maintain their silence while these Communist infiltrators destroy our country.  Which side are you on?

The Corona Virus hoax and COVID-AI deception is part of the Communist Manifesto they are using to confuse and frighten the mind-controlled masses while they take down our government. These Communists are even managing to threaten certain doctors, pharmacists, and nurses, forcing them to remain silent about the payoffs and hospital incentives, but not “American Frontline Doctors.” Where is the Nurses union in defense of nurses threatened by Communists? Where are the patriotic attorneys of this country when you need them? These threatened doctors, nurses, and pharmacists need legal representation promptly to sue their oppressors!  Pharmacists, doctors, and nurses were threatened and ordered to NOT prescribe the known cure to COVID, Hydroxychloroquine.  Many people see the writing on the walls, as to what this is but they are remaining silent. That is an atrocity in itself when people are needed to be heard!  Many people are allowing themselves to be silenced by Communist-controlled corporations such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and many other treasonous traitors out of Silicon Valley instead of being smart and moving to a new patriotic platform. Their day in court will come and although the laws have been written to protect the enemies in power from us, they will not succeed this time. This war was won before it was ever fought. Every legal angle has been figured out.  The prisons will be filling up soon if American citizens get out and speak up!

The Communist-controlled puppets of the Shadow Government Kabbalists are not even putting up a fight. It’s as if they want a Communist country because they’ve been promised great things. They haven’t learned from history because our true history has been hidden and rewritten. If the killing starts after this COVID genocide has run its course, they too will be executed. They are not protected like they have been lied to.

Hollywood stars are even pretending to get the vaccine on public television to lure more people into getting this genocidal vaccine. They too are under the control of Luciferian Illuminati Freemasons. They are cowards and order followers who are selling us out to China by agreeing to push this tyrannical Orwellian nightmare on all of us. American patriots must not be victims of their threats! Under no circumstances should an American citizen give up their guns, regardless of anything. No matter how big the false flag attack, do not give up your guns. If there is an alien invasion and they demand we surrender our guns, do not give up your guns. Do not be tricked into surrendering your guns. The fake Communist President, Joe Biden, is going to attempt to grab our guns and proceed with the Communist takeover of America. Things will happen very quickly if Americans surrender their guns. The COVID-AI deception plays a huge role in all of this. Americans are being tricked into wearing oppressive masks in obedience to the Shadow Government Communists and Lucifer during a time when they must be alert!  This is an act of war against the people of the world to justify the act of war against Americans!  TAKE OFF YOUR MASKS IN SOLIDARITY WITH OTHER PATRIOTS!

“SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” means just that.  DO NOT allow anyone to take your guns, under any circumstance. I’m not saying you need to use them now. Just refuse to hand them over, regardless of any and all threats. Stand your ground! Be strong! In times of need seek The Holy Spirit and you’ll be guided to do what is best for all, to be brave in the face of tyrannical Communism. We will win this war but we must all participate in some way. DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS, EVER OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR FREEDOM, SOVEREIGNTY, AND LIFE!  There is nothing new under the sun. 

Even dumbed down ANTIFA fascists and BLM degenerates are doing the bidding of the Communists and Freemasons. Their goal? To destroy all remnants of our history, such as statues and architecture, so they can repeat the heinous crimes of the past all over again. This is what they want whether you believe it or not. Whether you comprehend the depth of evil we are dealing with or not, that is precisely what is happening. 

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