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Tyrannical Chinese Totalitarians Send Out Their Police Order Followers To Track Down Qelbinur Sedik in the Netherlands Who Alleges She Was Raped in China’s Secretive Detention Camps in the Xinjiang Region Where She Once Worked. This Puts These Chinese Dirtbags, These Scum Of Earth, in the Same Low Category as Luciferians and Freemasons Who Traffic, Rape, Torture, and Kill Babies For Adrenochrome. #ExposeAllEvil


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  • People don’t just go around alleging rape unless they were really raped. Plus, there are times when we know who is lying and who isn’t. Do you believe Qelbinur Sedik is lying? I don’t, and she obviously pissed off the Chinese Communists. Similarly, millions of babies don’t just go missing each year. It is up to people of God and Faith to expose the evil in this world, to dodge fear and all of the emotions that Archons enjoy to maintain their power and control over the human race. Staying happy, knowing they will pay for their crimes against humanity is the best thing all of us can do. Do not let evil bring you down to its level. I repeat, DO NOT ALLOW EVIL TO CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS! The demons we are at war with use witchcraft and sorcery to feed off of our negative energy with the help of inbreeding Luciferian families and other Satanic family bloodlines. When they have nothing to feed on they lose their power. We are dealing with the spiritual realm here, despite their many crimes against humanity occurring in the physical third dimension, or 3D. We are dealing with interdimensional entities who are able to weaken the layer of protection between our dimensions through Hollywood spells, movies, sitcoms, and the Zionist-owned and CIA-controlled mainstream media. Perhaps the symbolism they plaster on just about everything we encounter throughout our days have something to do with facilitating a demon’s ability to crossover into the third dimension. By doing this they are able to influence those not protected by The Holy Spirit, and in exchange for wealth, power, and fame, they will be obedient to these demons and do what they are told. However, due to recent events created by the Trump administration, during his first and second term, they are losing power and will never allow the mainstream media to show them losing. They are losing! Patriots (People of God, Family, Freedom, and Country) know the truth, that we are winning. Keep praying and maintain high spirits, no pun intended. Pray like you have already defeated these wicked enemies of humanity. It is equally as important to pray for the conversion of their soul as God commands us to do since all souls, those who have them, are worth saving, regardless of how atrocious their crimes were on Earth, Lucifer’s kingdom. In doing so, please remember to pray for the happiness of Qelbinur Sedik, that she learns how to forgive her abusers. That applies to all of us. The abusers who harm us are influenced by demons/archons to commit crimes. Let us join our hearts together and pray that they all receive the Holy Love and Light of The Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, and The Heavenly Father.


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