“The fastest path to fully acknowledge what is happening in the world and USA, is by first  recognizing and believing the truth, that we are being royally deceived and attacked by these globalists at the very highest rungs of power in the world, and yes, that even means The Swiss Octogon, British Royalty, central banking globalists, the bank of England, London, DC, The Federal Reserve, and so on. When you recognize how enormous this matrix system is, when it really begins to sink in, it is also really quite a marvel that our enemies have accomplished everything they have so far, and I hate to point this out to people, but it proves how ridiculously deceived the common people of the world really, and especially American citizens for allowing these totalitarian tip-toe tactics to threaten what our ancestors have fought so hard to obtain, their freedom, sovereignty, Constitution, and individuality. Why in the world would we ever trust another authority figure ever again, after all of the previously successful genocides and orchestrated false flag attacks that have occurred in the world? I’ll tell you how, by erasing our true history of horrors beyond your wildest imagination.  The people have no idea how tyrannically oppressed they were throughout the ages by psychopaths with money!  These people are SICK! but what’s even more SICK are the people who cower and bow down to them simply because they are so wealthy.  It is the most bizarre thing a person, or God, has witnessed people do, but we are not allowed to call them foolish, and I’ll tell you why.  We are only products of this world in the flesh, but in spirit form we are Sons of God, and I really don’t know what made me say that, because I’ve only heard that term or phrase mentioned in the King James Bible, Version 1611.  Anyhow, It’s quite obvious all of these genocidal events were orchestrated events, especially all of the events that are meant to trick people into believing the weather is SOOOOOOOO Scary and bad all over the world because of……..wait for it!!!!………CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!!!!!  LMAO!  Any real scientist will tell you this is complete nonsense but only the fake scientists or scientists hired and on the payroll of the globalists, are pushing this CLIMATE CHANGE HOAX! 

They were not natural-occurring events, because we would never allow something like that to happen to our fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world, but if the media didn’t show us, how would we ever know?  At least we have the internet now. That was not always the case. If it wasn’t the globalists who orchestrated these famines, plagues, and genocides, then they would’ve helped feed them and shelter them, but they didn’t do that. They made their last days on earth a living nightmare, and as God is my witness right now, please believe me when I tell you, they are planning a similar fate for the American people. They really know how quickly people are willing to sell out their own freedom, sovereignty, and Constitution in exchange for wealth, fake safety-&-security, or just paycheck. So many sellouts are going to be punished for their actions, people who should’ve stood up to these criminals and not allowed their next move to affect so many other innocent people, and this is just not a one time occurrence.  There are thousands of people who have chosen the side of “wicked” because the idea of having their safety zone tampered with, frightened them too much.  What they may not realize, but probably do in the back of their programmed mind, is that their actions to do what is “wrong” as opposed to what is “right,” is going to seriously harm mankind.  It may only be something small, but that is only because the people see things through a tunnel.  Things appear small and far away to them and they have no clue what is happening beyond what they already see, or what their TV is showing them.  The deception is massive but the awakening is slow.  We will not forget who obeyed the evil globalists and who resisted their tyrannical efforts to oppress us! 

Use the “Recommended Links Page,” to continue learning the details of any topic that interests you. They are all connected in some way or another and you’ll begin to notice the patterns that prove we are in grave danger if patriots slip up or mess up these last few events before they arrest and prosecute all globalist scumbags, and there are many spinning wheels that make up this system. I simply can’t cover every topic, and one thing I am not in the business of doing is proving things to people. That is up to them. I’ve already proven these things to myself and I will provide you with several resources to prove them to yourself. I have plenty of incredible resources. Just keep in mind that some things take more time than others to believe. There are simply way too many legs on this current spider. Later, if time permits, I’ll discuss the importance of making lists. If you make a list of all the crimes that have been committed against the entire world population, since 2001, without omitting a single detail, you will be thoroughly convinced that we are under attack and are currently in the greatest war of our lives.


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