The Mainstream Media is the Biggest Enemy of the People! Liars, Cheats, and Thieves.

The Mainstream Media is Jewish Fake News


While You Sleep These Enemies Of Humanity Create Your Reality
Patent 060606
5G millimeter wavelength same as military is weaponizing
Hoover Conspiracy Against Mankind
When gas is $5 per gallon and you have to drive out of state to get your abortion.
satanic liberal demons from hell
...even though we know the truth about the 91-DIVOC plandemic and the ability of masks to do absolutely nothing, if you're being honest with yourself and following the science, which indicates the diameter of a virus is far smaller than the diameter of the holes in the masks, including the N95 masks. They were forcing people to wear masks to intimidate them with fear and force them into submission, as part of their Satanic blood ritual. Everyone is deceived! On top of that, they tell everyone you can use your scarfs and homemade masks, as long as you have something covering up your face and identity. This has "criminal operation" written all over it. They think we are stupid, and sadly, most are and will fall right into the enemy's trap, but are they stupid because they agree to wear a mask like obedient serfs or are they stupid because they won't fight back against the ever-increasing tyranny being enforced by this criminal syndicate, cowards, and order followers? Either way you slice it, they are using many different covert methods to cull the human population. They are going to shut of our electricity next, and because of that, I strongly recommend the following product. Yes, I will earn a commission but could care less about making money. I would like to see as many people as possible be saved by this device:

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